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How To Check Whether Line Laser Light Is Accurate?

How to check if the laser line is accurate

What are the general after-sales issues encountered with Line Laser Light?

Inaccurate laser line: Line Laser Light of the green rotary laser may experience deviation, jitter, or ambiguity. This may be caused by calibration issues, laser malfunctions, or other technical issues. You can contact our after-sales service for technical support or repair services.
Short battery life: Line Laser Light usually use batteries for power supply. If the battery life is too short to meet your needs. You can try replacing it with a new one. If the problem persists.We suggest that you contact the manufacturer for consultation or replace the battery.
Difficulty in operation: Some users may encounter difficulties when operating it. Such as not understanding the usage methods or setting parameters of specific functions. In this case, you can refer to the manual of the laser level or find us to send some videos about product usage tutorials.
Damaged accessories or accessories: The Line Laser Light may come with some accessories or accessories.Such as tripods, measuring rods, etc. If these accessories or accessories are damaged or lost. You can contact the manufacturer or after-sales service center to purchase replacement parts.
Other faults or problems: In addition to the above issues, the laser level may also encounter other faults or problems. Such as display screen failure, button failure, etc. It is recommended that you contact the manufacturer or after-sales service center for professional technical support or repair services.
No matter what problem you encounter, it is recommended that you first consult the user manual of the laser line for flooring to understand the solutions to common problems. If the problem cannot be solved. You can seek help from the manufacturer or after-sales service center. And we will provide further support and guidance for you.

Mark A below Line laser light on the floor.And then mark B on the floor 5 meters away from mark A with a horizontal ruler.And finally mark C on the floor 5 meters away from mark B.

Then use a tape measure to mark point D at a vertical line of 5 meters near the wall.
Place Line Laser Light measuring stick on a stable horizontal surface.And ensure that it is stable and does not shake. Turn on the power of these and turn on all laser lines. Wait for the 360 degree level to complete the self calibration process. It can ensure the accuracy of its internal sensors. Move the laser tool to mark B. Align the intersection point at the bottom of the laser tool with the alignment mark B. And align the side laser window laser beam with the mark C.

Measuring tape determines the point of the laser line

Observe whether the light projected by the machine coincides with the point.

Carefully observe the alignment between each laser line and the reference tool. If they are completely parallel and coincide. Then the laser line is accurate.
If there is a deviation between a laser line and the reference tool. You may need to calibrate it. At this point, you can inquire with our after-sales service.Follow the prompts given to you.And follow the instructions for calibration operations.

Of course, if you don’t know how to solve these problems, you can also contact us. We will provide you with assistance

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