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About the Customization Process of Digital Laser Level

About the Customization Process of Laser Level?

About the Customization Process of Digital Laser Level?

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer): OEM refers to a company that produces products according to customer requirements and sells them to customers, but the products use the customer’s brand name. In the OEM model, original equipment manufacturers are usually responsible for product design, production, and assembly, while customers provide branding and marketing. OEM cooperation is usually suitable for customers who do not intervene too much in product design. It mainly focusing on brand and market promotion.

ODM (Original Design Manufacturer): ODM refers to a company that independently designs, develops. And produces products based on customer needs and specifications. Sells them under the customer’s brand. In the ODM model, original design manufacturers have more autonomy and technological innovation capabilities.We can provide comprehensive product solutions. Customers usually only need to provide basic needs and requirements without participating in specific design and production processes.

About the Customization Process of Laser Level?

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The customization process of Digital Laser Level can be divided into the following main steps:

Project Approval

Determine the specific requirements of outdoor digital laser level with the customer.Including positioning appearance, product positioning, functional requirements, materials required for digital laser level, matching accessories, product packaging requirements, etc. Then there is the analysis of the product in the market.It is generally divided into potential analysis, cost analysis, product intensity analysis (the power of the laser will affect the laser’s light, stability, and brightness), weakness analysis .Whether it can be used normally in harsh environments, measurement range, and power supply. Understanding customer needs is the basis for designing customized solutions.

Development Of Exterior Design Plan

Based on customer needs, develop a design plan for the floor and digital laser level.Including determining design goals, conducting market research, preliminary conceptual design, 3D modeling, and then determining the design plan.

Product Internal Structure Design

This plan usually includes mechanical structure design, laser module selection, and battery structure design. The design plan needs to consider the feasibility of actual production and cost control.

Circuit Design

Including power circuit scheme+laser emission circuit, receiving circuit and signal processing circuit, followed by PCB sampling programming.

Product Testing

Firstly, SMT surface mount technology (i.e. assembly of electronic components and circuit boards), software and hardware testing (testing whether some functions of the product are normal), and physical model sample testing (generally divided into functional testing, performance testing, and reliability testing) are carried out. Then, after the trial run is completed and there are no problems, the sealed sample is confirmed.

Product Certification

Product certification is to verify whether a product meets specific standards and specifications to ensure its quality, safety, and reliability. Generally, we conduct certifications such as CE ROHS FDA FCC KC ISO IP level certification.

Product Production

Final confirmation of customized content (product logo brand logo, packaging design, label design, box/box/bag design/sinking mold), incoming inspection, process inspection, quality abnormality handling, rework process, pre delivery inspection, and third-party inspection.
Overall, each step requires strict control and verification to ensure that the final digital laser level meets customer requirements and expectations. In the customization process, it is usually necessary to collaborate with professional manufacturers or suppliers. Generally, manufacturers have relevant experience and technology.And can provide customized solutions for customers.

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