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Development Of Floor Laser Level

On the Development of Laser Level

The birth of floor laser level for tile floor is closely related to the development of laser technology. 

The following is the approximate birth process of the floor laser level

The development of laser technology: Laser technology first achieved substantial development in the 1960s. Laser is a special type of light with characteristics such as high brightness, monochromaticity. And coherence, which can generate high intensity beams of light.

Expansion of laser applications: With the development of laser technology. People have begun to explore the application of lasers in the field of measurement. Laser has high directionality and collimation. Which can form a stable beam of light.And is therefore used to measure the position and direction of horizontal lines.

The principle of floor laser level: The laser level meter uses the characteristics of the laser beam to measure the horizontal line. It emits a parallel laser beam reflected and received by the receiver. By measuring the position of the received light, the position of the horizontal line can determined.

What is the development of laser level instruments?

The development history of floor laser level green beam instruments traced back to the 1960s. The following are the main development milestones of these:

In the 1960s, the development of laser technology laid the foundation for the birth of floor laser level. At that time, laser level instruments mainly used helium neon lasers as light sources. Measuring the position of the horizontal line through mirrors and photodetectors.

In the 1970s, with the advancement of electronic technology.It began to achieve automation functions. Electronic components have been introduced into the instrument.It calibration, automatic alarm and other functions. Improving the accuracy and efficiency of measurement.

In the 1980s, the application scope of floor laser level for house leveling instruments gradually expanded and began to be widely used in fields .Such as construction and civil engineering. At the same time, the volume of the laser level gradually decreases. Making it easy to carry and operate.

In the 1990s,floor laser level began to develop towards digitization. By introducing digital display screens and microprocessors. The instrument can achieve more accurate display of measurement results and data processing. As well as data storage and transmission.

Since the 2000s, the functions of laser level instruments continuously expanded and improved. In addition to basic horizontal measurement, modern laser level instruments can also achieve various functions. Such as vertical measurement, angle measurement, and slope measurement. At the same time, the accuracy and stability of floor laser level have also been further improved.

modern laser level

Laser level is an instrument that uses laser technology to measure the position and direction of horizontal lines.

With the development and progress of laser technology. Modern laser square for flooring instruments have widely used in various fields. They have the characteristics of high precision, high efficiency, and easy operation.They providing accurate and reliable solutions for various measurement tasks.


There are widely used in construction. It can use to determine the horizontal or vertical position of the ground, for installing walls, ceilings, floors, etc .To ensure the accuracy and flatness of construction.

Civil engineering

There also have important applications in civil engineering. It can use to measure the horizontal line or slope of roads, bridges, tunnels, and other projects to ensure that the flatness and slope of the project meet design requirements.

Agriculture and horticulture

360 rotary laser level meters used for farmland leveling and land measurement.To helping farmers and horticulturists determine the level of the ground to improve the efficiency of crop planting and horticulture work.

Interior decoration

Floor laser level can use for interior decoration and furniture installation. It can help determine the horizontal or vertical position of walls, furniture, picture frames, etc. .To ensure the aesthetic and accuracy of the decoration effect.

Pipeline installation

It can use for pipeline installation and wiring work. It can help determine the level or slope of the pipeline .To ensure the normal operation and drainage effect of the pipeline system.

Overall, modern floor and wall tile floor laser level play an important role in fields . Such as architecture, civil engineering, agriculture, horticulture, interior decoration, and measurement. They have the characteristics of high precision, high efficiency, and easy operation. Providing accurate and reliable solutions for various measurement tasks.

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