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Outdoor Line Laser -135th Spring Canton Fair

Canton Fair

Date: April 15-19, 2024

Location: Exhibition Hall of Canton Fair

Zhuhai Levelsure Technology Co., Ltd. participated in the 135th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) from April 15th to 19th. This marks the gradual adoption of our brand's Outdoor Line Laser in the international market for more customers to understand and use.

Company Mission:

Our company is committed to providing high-quality products and customized OEM and ODM services (including laser line customization, function customization, packaging customization, etc.). We adhere to the business philosophy of "quality first, customer first", and always respond to customer demands at exhibitions, while constantly innovating our products and functions.

Outdoor Line Laser

Outdoor Line Laser

Customer Experience at the Canton Fair

As one of the largest and oldest comprehensive international trade events in the world, with the most exhibitors and buyers, and the best transaction results, the Canton Fair attracts merchants and customers from all over the world to observe and discuss cooperation. At this year's Canton Fair, we also met many customers from different places who are interested in our Outdoor Line Laser and want to cooperate with us. We adhere to the principle of "customer first". Explained to the customer about the product's features and advantages. For some customers who want to deepen cooperation, we have also arranged factory inspections to help them better understand the production and process of our products.


About the factory

Each of our Outdoor Line Laser undergoes Software Testing, Product Testing, Environment Testing, Machine Inspection, and other tests to ensure complete quality before reaching our customers. In addition, we also provide comprehensive after-sales service. And we have our own repair stations overseas, so customers don't have to worry about after-sales issues with our products.

Laser Level A Precision Measuring Tool
Technological Outdoor Line Laser innovation leads the future of the industry

Multi domain application showcasing industry prospects
At the exhibition site, the application fields of Outdoor Line Laser are diverse, whether it is basic measurement in construction, wall layout, furniture placement and lighting installation in indoor decoration, it demonstrates strong practicality and multifunctionality.
Sustainable development leads the future of the industry
With the development of society and people's attention to environmental protection, laser level, as a green and efficient measuring tool, has played a positive role in saving energy and reducing waste. And compared to traditional laser level instruments, our product has a recyclable rechargeable battery, which is also a significant improvement in environmental protection.
Laser level, as a technology for future technological development in the construction industry and construction sites. It leads the entire industry towards intelligence and digitization. I believe that with the continuous progress of laser level technology and the expansion of application fields, it will play an increasingly important role in various industries, creating a more convenient and efficient working environment for humanity.

Promoting Global Economic Development

The Canton Fair is an important exhibition for China's opening up to the outside world. It has opened up more market opportunities for our company and made our brand known to more foreign customers. Through the Canton Fair, we can also accept the opinions of different customers from all over the country and make corrections. Make customized products more efficient and affordable for customers.

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