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Production Process Of Laser Line Level


The Process Of Making Laser Line Level

After preliminary communication on product design (functionality, logo, etc.) and procurement of raw materials. Our factory will first produce samples of the laser level. After the sample production is completed, we will release the product to the customer's hands for inspection. Next, we will carefully introduce the entire production process.

Laser Leveling Tools Design Process

Appearance design of laser leveling tools

Firstly, let's start with exterior design. Specifically, the selection of shell material and what functions it needs to have. Appearance design, selecting designs suitable for different working groups to make work more efficient. Secondly, the structure of the internal battery is crucial. For heavy workloads or those with range anxiety, high-capacity batteries are the preferred choice.

Next is the design of the circuit. The layout of the circuit may also vary depending on the functionality that the customer wants to customize. Therefore, we need to determine the functions that the customer wants for programming and circuit layout.

Product Testing

After the previous communication and confirmation, the next step is to conduct various tests on the product.
Firstly, there is SMT surface mount technology, which is an electronic component installation technology. Compared to traditional plug-in assembly, it directly solders the components onto the circuit board. No need to insert the circuit board through the aperture for connection.

Laser level testing

Then it's software and hardware testing. Specifically, it involves testing the calibration of the laser level, checking the clarity of the laser line, testing the working range, and testing the accuracy.

Software testing is to observe whether the laser's opening and tangent modes are normal. Secondly, it is necessary to test whether the Bluetooth function and USB can be used normally. Then, perform compatibility testing by connecting to the Bluetooth app to ensure that the laser level can be connected properly. Then proceed to use the functions on the app, such as cutting lines.

four High Temperature Chamber

After completing the basic functional testing, we will also conduct environmental testing. Place the product inside the instrument for high and low temperature salt spray and improve its service life. This can test the maximum service life and ambient temperature of the product.The salt spray test simulates the corrosion situation in the marine environment, and tests the corrosion resistance of the laser level by exposing it to the salt spray environment. These tests can help ensure the quality and reliability of the laser level, improve its usability and durability in various working environments.

Laser charging and discharging test

Laser charging and discharging test 

1.Preparation for Discharge Test:
Make sure the laser line level is turned off to begin the discharge test.
Connect the laser level to the charging device and confirm that the charging indicator light is illuminated, indicating that the device is being charged.
Allow the laser line level to charge for a period of time specified by the manufacturer.
2.Discharge Test:
After the charging period, disconnect the charging device.
Turn on the self leveling laser level and observe the discharge situation to ensure that the device is functioning properly.
3.Analysis of Laser Emission:
Check if the self leveling laser level emits a strong, visible laser beam with good clarity and brightness.
Verify that the emitted laser is aligned and stable for accurate leveling.
4.Assessment of Horizontal Accuracy:
Test the laser level's ability to project a horizontal line accurately over a specified distance.
Measure the deviation of the projected line from true horizontal to determine the level of accuracy.
5.Functionality of Each Part:
Evaluate the functionality of different parts such as the laser emitter, leveling mechanism, and control buttons.
Ensure that all parts are working as intended without any glitches or malfunctions.
6.Accuracy and Stability Testing:
Verify the accuracy of the self leveling laser level by comparing its projected lines with a known reference point or level.
Assess the stability of the laser beam by observing if it maintains a consistent position over time without drifting or wobbling.
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Manufacturing laser leveling tools is a highly technical process. With the development of technology, the demand for technology is becoming increasingly sophisticated. Therefore, while improving our technology, Levelsure also needs to ensure the quality and functionality of every product we produce, which is a reassurance for our customers. I hope that through unremitting efforts and continuous innovation, laser leveling tools can play an important role in more fields, bringing convenience and precision to people's lives and work.