Workshop Overview

We strictly control every production process from raw materials to finished products.

Production Equipment

We have first-class production equipment to ensure product quality and production efficiency.
The optical tube system and theodolite are mainly used for precise measurement and calibration of the laser line at different stages during the assembly process of the laser level. Through counterweights, it is also possible to determine whether the laser line is accurate under external environmental pressure.
The high-temperature aging test chamber is mainly used to evaluate whether the functionality and accuracy of the product will be affected after long-term use.
The charging and discharging area is mainly used to test whether the product can be charged and discharged normally, and can also test the maximum number of times the product can be charged and discharged.

Production Process

We conduct functional and progress testing at each step to ensure that the product can be used normally.

Module and outer frame assembly

Assembly Module debugging Assembling the outer frame and dispensing glue at high temperature

Half machine testing and maintenance

Half machine functional testing Half machine precision maintenance

Assembly of adapter plate and movement

Assembly of adapter plate, wire cutting, wire stripping Soldering movement Assembling the movement Movement counterweight High temperature dispensing of the movement

Assembly of glass and windowless cover

Assembly and wiping of glass Assembling the complete machine without window cover

Spare parts welding and semi machine assembly

Soldering spare parts Assembling the lower shell Assembling Half Machine

Whole machine inspection and accuracy maintenance

Functional testing of the whole machine without window cover Complete machine maintenance Assembling the entire machine Whole machine accuracy testing

Function Maintenance​

The functional maintenance area of the factory is mainly used for maintenance during the production process.

Distinctions and Accolades

LEVELSURE has won many awards in its development and research and development

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MUSE 2024 Creative Award


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