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What Is The Principle Of Auto Laser Level?

What Is The Principle Of Auto Laser Level

Auto Laser Level Laser Principle

The luminescence principle of Auto Laser Level is based on the stimulated radiation of light.
The electrician laser level line tool contains a laser inside, usually a semiconductor laser diode. When the current passes through the laser diode, the Excited state will be generated in the semiconductor material. These Excited state particles (such as electrons) are in the state of high energy level, unstable and short-lived.

Auto Laser Level Laser Principle

Auto Laser Level Laser Principle

Understand The Technology Behind Laser Diodes

When an external current passes through a laser diode, it forms a specific energy level structure in the semiconductor material. When a certain threshold current is reached, these activated electrons will transition from the low energy level to the high energy level, forming the Excited state.

Then, due to the instability of the Excited state, the electrons will spontaneously return to the lower energy level. During this process, the released energy is emitted in the form of photons. These emitted photons have the same frequency, direction, and phase, forming a monochromatic, coherent, and highly focused laser beam.

Therefore, the horizon Auto Laser Level utilizes the laser beam generated by Auto Laser Level diode or semiconductor laser to achieve level measurement and calibration. This laser beam has obvious visibility and can provide high accuracy and accuracy in measurement work.

Unlike ordinary light, lasers are light with high directionality, narrow beams, and high brightness. This is because laser photons have the same frequency, phase, and propagation direction, and they undergo the enhancement process of stimulated radiation.

The machine uses the laser beam generated by the laser transmitter for horizontal measurement and positioning. By projecting and detecting laser beams, the position of the horizontal line can be determined and precise measurements can be made.
It should be noted that the Site Laser Level involves laser technology, and relevant safety regulations should be followed when using it to avoid direct exposure to the eyes or other sensitive parts to prevent potential hazards.
Principle of Laser Level Line Tool

Principle of Laser Level Line Tool

It s can also be used in many areas of life and work. Below, I will briefly introduce the scenarios in which they can be used.
1. Construction site and interior: In building construction and interior decoration, Laser Level Line Tool for outdoor use can be used to determine the horizontal lines of the ground, walls, ceilings, etc
2. Civil engineering: In civil engineering, 360 degree level can be used to measure ground height, road slope, etc. to ensure that the flatness and inclination angle of the project meet design requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

The display panel of these is damaged, and the buttons cannot switch the laser line. 

Possible cause 1

If this problem is usually caused by the malfunction of the product's button panel, abnormal display on the display screen, or damage
1. If the machine has been in use for a long time or the customer has repair capabilities (please contact our business colleagues for specific situations), we can also provide some repair videos for the customer's reference
2. If it is a new or slightly used machine, we usually replace it for the customer.

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