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Welcome to our laser level factory! As pioneers and experts in the field of laser technology, we are committed to providing high-quality Custom Laser Level to meet the needs of customers in the fields of construction, engineering, and measurement. Let’s take you to a deeper understanding of our factory’s operations and production processes.

Production workshop

laser level production line

In the production and assembly workshop of Levelsure, products are produced one by one and shipped to 130 countries around the world. From Floor Line Laser Level, 4D (16 line) laser, 3D (12 line) laser, 5-8 line laser, rotary laser, dot matrix laser, green laser, outdoor laser level to measuring instruments such as spray guns, vacuum cleaners, rangefinders, inclinometers, levels, as well as hand electric tools such as angle grinders, polishing machines, spray guns, and hand electric screwdrivers, all of these huge product matrices applied in horizontal benchmark layout and automation engineering construction, clearance measurement, spatial positioning and obstacle avoidance, precision agricultural measurement and positioning, etc., originate from Levelsure. The initial “beam of light”.

The Development of Floor Line Laser Level-Levelsure

The rapid development of the country and the continuous advancement of infrastructure require the use of a spirit level. All the level instruments on the market are imported from abroad, and the price of tens of thousands of yuan has deterred many domestic and foreign customers. Compared to other products on the market that are close to a transparent profit chain, the profit of the spirit level is relatively considerable.

Manufacturing laser level

Based on a thorough analysis of the market, in 2013, with the establishment of our brand, Levelsure officially began the research and manufacturing of level instruments, and launched portable small two line lasers.

As the “heart” of the spirit level, the accuracy of the laser head determines the quality of the entire spirit level. The laser head is 1 millimeter away, and the level shows a difference of several meters. This will result in workers such as laying floor tiles and installing doors and windows being unable to proceed normally. Therefore, we chose to use Osram laser heads, which improved the quality of the level and opened up sales space for the product.
Not only does Levelsure nitpick on accuracy, but it also prioritizes user experience, using continuous innovation to inspire inspiration and enjoyment in both work and life.
We were the first brand to apply LCD screen technology to a level, combining Bluetooth APP and electronic level technology, because we believed that the ultimate result of our products was to serve users.

Multiple Tests To Confirm Quality

Laser level charging and discharging

In the factory, Custom Laser Level undergoes multiple rigorous inspections and tests to ensure that the products received by customers are of high quality and reliability. We strictly follow multiple key testing processes such as software and hardware testing, performance testing, reliability testing, and high and low temperature testing to ensure that each laser level meets the highest standards. Software and hardware testing ensures the normal operation of the software functions and hardware components of the device, performance testing evaluates the accuracy and stability of the device, reliability testing verifies the reliability performance of the device under long-term use, and high and low temperature testing verifies the working performance of the device under various environmental conditions. These comprehensive tests ensure the reliability and accuracy of our products, allowing customers to choose our Laser Level Manufacturer with confidence, thereby improving work efficiency and accuracy.

We also focus on technological innovation and research and development investment. Our R&D team constantly explores new applications and improvement solutions of Custom Laser Level technology, committed to providing customers with more diversified and efficient solutions. We can customize according to the local situation of customers in different regions.

Customer First

Customer satisfaction is the eternal pursuit of our factory. We always listen to customer feedback and collect some of their needs and ideas. Continuously optimizing the experience of our products and services, and striving to provide customers with greater value and convenience.
Welcome to set up our factory anytime, let’s embark on a clever journey of laser technology together.