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The difference between Rotary laser level OEM and ODM

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Customizing Rotary laser level

 The specific differences and differences between OEM and ODM are mainly reflected in the following aspects.


1. Participation Rotary laser level: In OEM mode, customers can provide their specific needs and designs, such as light selection, Bluetooth function, self leveling function, LCD backlight, etc., and the appearance and design are still based on the customer’s own design; In the ODM mode, we will choose Rotary laser level functions for the local environment of our customers based on their needs and costs. We can not only help customers produce and manufacture products, but also provide some ideas for product research and design. If customers want to create their own brand, we can also develop some long-term stocking and promotion plans for you.

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2. Autonomy: In OEM mode, we need to Rotary laser level and test according to customer specifications and needs. In this mode, customers have greater decision-making and control power, which is very practical for some mature customers. We can help customers save manufacturing costs and improve after-sales service, thereby achieving higher profits; In the ODM model, we will design and develop based on market research and local customer preferences. For some new customers, we can also provide some assistance in marketing.


1. Time and cost: Compared to ODM, the main advantage of the OEM model is that customers will provide good requirements and designs, so in terms of quality control and functionality, it is necessary to meet very important requirements. In addition, good after-sales service is also necessary to ensure long-lasting cooperation; In ODM mode, most of the time is spent researching local customer needs to configure the most suitable products, and if the customer does not have a promotion team, we can also customize some solutions to help them quickly enter the market.

2.Professional competence: Under OEM, factories need to have more professional skills and experience in design and research and development, as customers will provide many different needs, so it is necessary to ensure innovation and after-sales support. And customers can benefit from our professional skills and knowledge, obtaining higher quality and more competitive products. ODM, on the other hand, improves research and promotion on the basis of OEM, allowing customers to quickly enter the market and start making profits.

Flexibility and Differentiation: In the ODM mode, we can conduct independent design and research by researching the specific functions, linearity, price range, etc. of products with high market demand from customers. This is more flexible for traditionals quare Rotary laser level, thus achieving product customization differentiation.This enables customers not only to obtain unique products, but also to meet specific market demands.

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