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After Sales Problems And Solutions Of Laser Level For Wall Tile

As a high precision and high efficiency measuring tool, Laser Level For Wall Tile for outdoor use has been widely used in various fields. However, in cases where the functionality is already fully developed, customers may encounter some issues after purchasing the device, and after-sales service becomes an important step in ensuring smooth cooperation, which is also the entry point for after-sales service. In this article, we will discuss some common after-sales issues with ground Laser For Leveling Floors instruments and provide practical and feasible solutions.

Laser Level For Wall Tile

1. Accuracy issues

Why are there issues with the accuracy of Laser For Leveling Floors lines

Possible cause 1

There is an issue with the customer benchmark reference, and the testing benchmark itself is not horizontal, such as:
1. Use a level ruler to check if the Laser Level Cross line is accurate.
(Because the water bubbles on the level also have errors and their accuracy is low)
2. Comparing the accuracy of two different height level instruments simultaneously.

Possible Cause 2

Laser Level For Wall Tile has experienced vibrations and falls during use, resulting in significant errors in product accuracy. In this case, there is generally obvious damage to the appearance of the machine.

Possible Cause 3

Laser For Leveling Floors has debugging errors and defects when leaving the factory.

Troubleshooting Methods for Poor Accuracy in Laser Level Cross Devices

1. Simple test: Place it on the platform and rotate it 180 ° horizontally to measure the height error of the front and rear laser lines.
2. Standard testing: You can contact our sales department to send you some relevant testing videos.
Error standard: The factory accuracy is ± 3mm/10m, which means that the maximum deviation of 6mm between the upper and lower limits within 10 meters is normal.
If it is not caused by improper use and falls, the handling method for poor accuracy:
1. If the new machine is slightly used and the accuracy deviation is significant, immediately send the customer a replacement bare machine or replace it with a new one.
2. If Laser Level For Wall Tile takes a long time and the customer has repair ability/slight deviation in accuracy, a precision repair video can be provided for reference. whether the detection position is horizontal, whether the machine is in a self leveling state, and whether the detection method is correct:
Laser For Leveling Floors

2. Why is the laser head not bright or weak?

Possible cause 1

Laser tube breakdown:
If only a single line is dim, it may be due to laser tube breakdown, but if the overall brightness is not enough, it will definitely not be due to laser tube breakdown.

Possible Cause 2

Due to various external reasons, the laser head is burned out, and in this case, there are flames in the laser head. Cold and dry markets are particularly noticeable.

Possible Cause 3

1. Laser For Leveling Floors has suffered severe falls and damage.
2. In this case, there is generally obvious damage to the appearance of the machine.

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