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Regarding The After-Sales Service Of Electronic Laser Level

In order to provide customers with better after-sales service, we generally guarantee some after-sales and quality services:
Comprehensive warranty: Home Laser Level has a 2-year warranty period. During this period, if there are any quality issues with the product, we will provide free repair or replacement services.
Quick repair: If you encounter any problems during use, our after-sales service team will do our best to solve them for you. You can contact us by calling our hotline or sending an email, and we will reply and provide technical support within 24 hours.
Regular maintenance: To ensure the normal operation and accuracy of Industrial Laser Level, we recommend regular maintenance and calibration. You can also share some of the issues and feedback you have encountered with our sales representatives, and we will collect everyone's feedback for improvement.
Next, I will give examples of common problems and their possible causes, and provide some solutions. For those who are not familiar with them, you can directly communicate with our sales representatives. We will provide you with the most professional answers and efficient services.

Display Alarms For Angles And Errors Electronic Laser Level

Display Alarms For Angles And Errors

Incorrect/incorrect display angle, continuous flashing of laser line alarm, alarm may occur when the product is horizontal, or a certain tilted angle does not alarm.

Possible Cause 1

What is the safety angle alarm mechanism of Electronic Laser Level?

The Anping angle alarm mechanism refers to the triggering of an alarm prompt when the level of Home Laser Level exceeds the set safety range, to remind the operator to make adjustments or take corresponding measures. The function of this mechanism is to ensure the accuracy and reliability of measurement results, and to avoid engineering errors caused by levels not meeting the requirements.

Therefore, the possible cause is the safety angle alarm mechanism of Industrial Laser Level, mainly based on the angle displayed on the screen. If the specified safety angle (3.5 ° ± 1 °) is exceeded, an alarm will be triggered;
It is also possible that the customer mistakenly operated and reset the tilt angle to 0 ° when in a tilted state, resulting in an alarm when the product is horizontal.

Possible Cause 2

The angle displayed on the machine screen is only a relative angle, which can be reset to zero by placing it on a relative horizontal plane and setting the current angle to 0 degrees. This will result in the following changes.
Deviation error: The accuracy of the laser level depends on the levelness of the equipment. If the relative angle is changed, even minor adjustments may cause deviation in the instrument's levelness. This will directly affect the accuracy of the measurement results.
Unstable vertical lines: Industrial Laser Level typically provide both horizontal and vertical line measurement functions. When the relative angle is changed, the vertical line is likely to be affected and no longer perpendicular to the ground or wall.
Visual range change: The laser level measures by emitting visible laser lines. When the relative angle is changed, the visible range of the laser line may change.

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In addition to these questions, if you encounter any problems with the laser level, you can consult us and we will be happy to answer some professional questions for you. We have an experienced maintenance team that can quickly and accurately diagnose and solve problems with the laser level. You can contact our technical support team by phone, email, or online platform, and we will be happy to assist you. You can also follow our website, and we will update some new industry knowledge from time to time.